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Uganda – “The Pearl of Africa”

Uganda is a highlights reel of the African landscape beauty of untouched and purely combined beauty of: rolling hills, sprawling savannas, sparkling glassy crater lakes, dense mist forests, abundant Bio diversity, adrenaline activities on the mighty river Nile and, of course, the endangered Mountain Gorillas making Uganda one of the scenic wonders of the world, it’s no wonder Winston Churchill named this “The Pearl of Africa”

 Authentically African, lush green and also the best place to track the incredible chimpanzees in Africa. Uganda the pearl of Africa is emerging as one of the top safari destinations to visit in Africa, Lonely Planet named in among the top 10 in 2012. Its fame in having the mountain gorillas together with other 10 parks and reserves providing wildlife experience makes it a competitive holiday destination in Africa

Best Uganda Tours

21 Days

21 Tage Gorillas Schimpansen und Big 5 Safari

14 Days

14 Tage Gorillas Schimpansen und Wildtier Safari

10 Days

10 Tage Uganda Primaten und Wildtier Safari

5 Days

5 Tage Gorillas Schimpansen und Wildlife Safari

8 Days

8 Tage Uganda Safari Gorillas Schimpansen und Big 5


3 Tage Gorilla-Trekking Uganda Safari

Popular Attractions

Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park

Bwindi impenetrable National park, lies in south-western part of Uganda on the edge of the rift valley. Its thick – misted hillsides are blanketed by Uganda’s oldest and most biologically diverse rainforests, protecting an estimated 400 mountain gorillas which is more than half of the world’s remaining highly endangered mountain Gorilla population making it a famous tourism destination world wide.
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Queen Elizabeth National Park

This park lies North of Bwindi forest National Park, turning out to be Uganda’s most popular tourist destination. The park home to over 95 mammal species and over 600 bird species. The park boasts of the four BIG FIVE, and a large diverse ecosystem , which include sprawling savanna, shady, humid forests, sparkling lakes and fertile wetlands, which make it the ideal habitat for classic ...
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Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park sits on the shore of Lake Albert, in northwest Uganda. Known for its magnificent breathe taking powerful fall that gushes out large volumes of water about 300 cubic meters per second at a very powerful pressure that cause the surrounding to tremble.
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Reasons why you should Visit Uganda

Uganda is a well-endowed country with diverse nature and cultures, lucky to be one of the only 3 countries in the world where you can see the highly endangered Mountain Gorillas in the wild, the chimpanzees found in the beautiful jungles of kibale rain forest with the highest concentration of primates in East Africa, Diverse Wildlife in the 10 National parks and Reserves, white water rafting adventures and other Adrenaline activities right at the historic River Nile, as well as the Rwenzori mountains commonly known as the “mountain of the moon”.

What to expect on a safari to Uganda

Kofi Travel Safaris offers you  a complete selection of safari options that provide the beautiful adventure activities at diverse locations, like the wildlife safaris, gorilla tours, chimpanzee trekking and mountain climbing. Whether you prefer exploring the country on a complete round trip or combining a trip to Uganda with one of the other East African countries, everything is possible. We will tailor your safari to your individual needs, taking your special wishes into account to offer you the best service and tourism experience and wonderful service delivery.

Food Guide

Enjoy Local Delicacies

Uganda is composed of various tribes and each tribe sports their own specialty dishes. Luwombo (or Oluwombo), Posho, Muchomo, Chapati, Matoke, Katogo, TV Chicken, Groundnut Sauce, Mandazi, Rolex, Ugandan Egg Roll, Sim, Sim Cookies, Chickennat, Nsenene, Ugandan Curried, Cabbage, Uganda BeveragesThese dishes can be found on the roadside, markets and restaurants.

Other cultures, such as Indian, Arabic, and Asian have influenced the country’s cuisine over the years, adding different twists and spices to the mix. 


matooke scaled


This is uganda’s national dish. Matoke is a banana variety that is considered more of a plantain. Ugandans love to take the green, unripe ones and steam them while peeled or still unpeeled. The plantains are then mashed and eaten with any kind of stew.


Luwombo (or Oluwombo)

This is a true classic Uganda food dish believed to have been created by the personal chef of King Kabaka Mwanga of the Buganda Kingdom in the late 19th century and is a favorite among both royalty and common folk. This traditional Ugandan stew consists of chicken, beef or fish that is steamed with vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms along with peanut (g-nut) sauce in wrapped plantains.

rolex 1


Rolex day is one of the celebrated days in Uganda. It is one of the Uganda’s popular foods in the country. Found cheap and readily available at most roadside stalls, Rolex is served in variations but often consists of eggs cooked into an omelette along with tomato, green pepper, onion and cabbage. The omelette is then topped or wrapped (rolled up) with a chapati. Some vendors may even add in minced meat to the rolex.



This is a popular dish of fried grasshoppers that are often sold in pubs and roadside eateries.

You can only get this popular snack particularly in November during the rainy season. The insects’ wings and legs are removed before being fried in the grasshoppers’ natural oils.