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Kofi Travel Safaris

Kofi travel Safaris is a young registered travel company recognized by the government of Uganda. Kofi Travel  Safaris is one of the established inbound and outbound tours and travel company offering tours across East Africa, managed by professionals in travel and tourism management.

we specialise in Gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris in Uganda and the East African community. We drive traveler’s interests providing them with their desired ultimate mind blowing  safari experiences in Uganda and the whole of East Africa.

KTS has the full potential to guide it’s esteemed customers to their tour  destinations within the “pearl of Africa”, Uganda and East Africa.  Gifted with experienced and equipped guides that can make your journey  a memorable one on your stay with us. You can find us on Safari Bookings


Jan Feb June July excellent (all parks)

Jan feb june july excellent (all parks)

August September October December (good)

March may November (fair)

April (poor)

The best wildlife viewing months in Uganda are during the dry seasons which are august and December to febuary. Primate walks in the forest are very big part of any safaris in Uganda, the habitant of rain forests is default, wet and one heavy rain the skies often open up to bright sunshine.

Best time

June to august and December to February (all parks)

High season

June to September (its rarely crowded but you will need to book the gorilla permits long in advance)

Low season

March, april, may,October,November

Best weather

June – july and January-february (little rainfall)

Worst weather

March april and may (peak of wet season)

How safe is it to travel to uganda

Uganda is one of the safest lands in the world, most visitors leave without any issues (infact 99% safest) however we advise that you practice the same basic caution you would when visiting any new place otherwise there is no need for alarm because your safety is our responsibility and we honestly take it very serious (100%)

Kofi travel safaris is tour company that has a valid certificate of incorporation as required by Ugandan law. We are very serious and a responsible company, please don’t be afraid to ask for the company certificates copies of registration you can also check our various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, and Instagram for recent and consistent activity, check out our tripadviser. We also provide instant and costant feedback to our clients making sure that they don’t miss out on new product developments.

People from most countries get a Ugandan visa at point of entry for $50pp or even online on e-visa make sure to carry your yellow fever vaccination card and valid passport at least six months to the date of expiry upon your arrival. It is also crucial to consult your doctor about malaria preventative medication and any other medication you may need to get before making your trip to the great pearl of Africa. For moreinformation visit visa-immigration.go.ug

For now kofi travel safari provides German and French speaking guides.

Sure you can design own but by using our attractions page on the website view the destinations that you would wish to visit and email us so that we can visit and come  up with an itinerary best on your destinations wishes.

Money can be paid by international wire transfer to our bank account. The means are very safe and convenient; it depends on what works best for you.

It depends on you as an individual and the extent of your appreciation for the services and its not amust that you have to tip.

Before the gorillas trekking starts very early morning guides locate the beautiful creatures and in communicate where best the gorillas are so that you see them. Gorillas are animals even though quite familiar with humans. They are still wild and can therefore be unpredicted in terms of movement. Therefore there is a high chance of 98% to see them.

These will help you as you try to hold on the branches. Some of the branches are thorny and you need to protect your hands.

Rain jacket

Gorillas live in the rain forest and therefore despite the fact that some months maybe declared dry months , it can rain , it’s important to carry rain coat just in case.

Trekking boots

Bwindi impenetrable rain forest is hilly and the gorillas are called mountain gorillas because the like roaming on the slopes of the forest. When your trekking these gorillas therefore you may need to hike alittle to reach the gorillas, trekking boots are therefore necessary.

Long sleeved clothes

Put on long clothes to protect your skin from the forest insects and flies.


Carry some you may need them

Pair of binoculars

There are a lot of things you are bound to see on the trek like birds, therefore carry your binoculars to ensure that you miss nothing.

Hat and sun glasses

It can get hot sometimes therefore carry a hat and glasses tp protect yourself from the sun.

Others the pack for any safari

I.e. medicine, toiletries, clothes, sunscreen, cameras and maybe mobile phones. Kindly don’t bring drone cameras because they are not allowed in Uganda unless you get or have special permission from the government of Uganda.

Accommodation depends on the budget midrange or luxury ie if you pay for luxury your services are not the same as the ones for budget and midrange. Mostly we advise our guest to choose between luxury, mid-range and budget accommodation options depending on how much money the are willing to spend. Please feel free our team has  done all the groundwork for you and will only recommend the best accommodation for your individual needs.

It depends on the target of accommodation you opt for, that is to say whether its budget midrange or luxury accommodation and more importantly the number of people you are because the lager the group the cheaper the safari as the costs are shared between the different individuals. Our prices for the safari all include complimentary box or boxes of water in the safari car/van, accommodation best on full basis, 4by4 safari vehicle with English, French and German speaking guides, driver, fuel,park entrance fees, activities as   per given itinerary tracking permits in case of gorillas and chimpazees, complimentary airport drop off and  few extras that we may provide depending on the kind of safari you may confirm to do.

Kofi travel safaris we do understand something may comeup and the need to cancel the trip you booked with us may arise in the following ways;

Cancellation made within refund policy

30 and more days to departure date

98% is refunded

15-29 days prior to departure date

75% is refunded

8-14 days prior to departure date

50% is refunded

7days to departure date

Non refundable


Experienced Guides

Our guides and the team own a deep knowledge of the history, geography, culture and traditions of the area they guide in.

When also looking for a reliable and trustworthy tourism company look no further as Kofi Tourism safaris is here to fulfill our clients safety when with us. All our guides are measured, trained to handle and respect client’s valuables in a good manner.

Activities and routes, they bring their own knowledge, experience and personal anecdotes to the tour. This can make a tour feel particularly special for clients who are looking for adventure.

Our guides know where they’re going! They are also able to help direct guests on the destined tours whether Uganda or beyond borders.

When the tour is well planned and organized, the clients feel at peace and calm which is our notebook to serve the guests.

Time management is very vital and punctual with our guides. Our guides are alway on time to serve which make travelers happy and comfortable.


Experience And Motivated Team

Our guides are punctual and have that self esteem within themself to address the clients beyond reasonable doubt that can give self satisfaction during their tour with us. The readiness and verbal within our guides will not disappoint you as their creativity cherish memories that will last a lifetime and make guests want to return. 

Our guides are always competence and enthusiastic towards the clients and eager to make sure the clients learn and understand something.

The flexibility of our guides is always tremendous to our clients. They are lovely and friendly wanting to please out clients to have a memorable tour.

Our team has a good sense of humor which will increase the enjoyment of the tour to the clients.

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Suitable For Large Groups


Whether long days, large groups and physical activity are managed and balanced well with our guides to tour you around on a chosen destiny. Our team has a great deal of energy both mental and physical to handle the group.