Game Drives in Nairobi National Park

Game Drives in Nairobi National Park take you just 7 kilometers away from the bustling heart of Kenya’s capital to Nairobi. This remarkable reserve, fondly known as “The World’s Only Wildlife Capital,” sits in unparalleled proximity to a major city. Established in 1946, it presents a captivating juxtaposition: towering urban skyscrapers adorn one horizon, while expansive savannas brim with diverse wildlife on the other.

What Makes Game Drives in Nairobi National Park Unique?

With a modest size of only 45 square miles, Nairobi National Park in Kenya still presents an astonishing variety of wildlife. It stands as the world’s only national park bordering a capital city, earning global recognition for this unique positioning; visitors thus have an exceptional opportunity to witness iconic African fauna dramatically juxtaposed against Nairobi’s skyline.

Game Drives in Nairobi National Park

Wildlife Encounters During Game Drives in Nairobi National Park

Venture forth on your game drives in Nairobi National Park, and a dazzling array of wildlife species will greet you: the iconic Big Four–lions, leopards, buffalos and rhinoceroses. Additionally to these majestic creatures; cheetahs cross paths with hyenas while giraffes mingle alongside zebras – all underlined by an appearance from elusive elands. 400 bird varieties populate this ecosystem with their enchanting calls and vibrant plumage—a veritable paradise for bird enthusiasts. A seasonal river punctuates the open grasslands of the park; its acacia woodlands, serving as a sanctuary for both grazers and predators. This unique landscape guarantees unforgettable sightings on every game drive an experience that will truly captivate you!

How Game Drives in Nairobi National Park are Conducted

Specially designed 4×4 safari vehicles with open roofs; this setup offers unobstructed views of the wildlife. Led by experienced and knowledgeable guides, to conduct game drives in Nairobi National Park.

Your preferences determine whether you opt for a full-day or half-day game drive in Nairobi National Park. Generally, three options exist for game drives at Nairobi National Park:

Morning Game Drives in Nairobi National Park commence at sunrise–approximately 6:00 AM; during these ventures, you may observe predators in pursuit of their prey.

Afternoon Game Drives in Nairobi National Park beginning around 3:00 PM in the, these game drives offer an opportunity to observe animals as they increase their activity before nightfall.

The Night Game Drives in Nairobi National Park begins at 19:00 hours and concludes by 22:00 hours, offering tourists an opportunity to observe the park’s nocturnal animals. Throughout this 4-hour night drive in Nairobi National Park, you might cross paths with aardvarks, caracals, serval cats, bat-eared foxes, and badgers.

Routes and Sites for Game Drives in Nairobi National Park

Several well-defined routes and sites for game drives grace the park, each offering a unique glimpse into diverse habitats and wildlife. Most of these sites are also used as picnic sites, thus providing an ideal spot for your lunch break while on a Nairobi National Park excursion. The following routes and sites garner popularity:

The Ivory Burning Site; situated approximately a kilometer from the main gate, bears significance as the location where late Former President Daniel Moi commanded the incineration of 11 tonnes of poachers’ seized ivory in 1989. This historic event epitomized not only governmental dedication to elephant conservation but also an absolute intolerance toward poaching.

The Hippo Pools Site; situated east of the parks between meandering coils of the Rongai River and Athi River, offers a prime location for spotting schools of hippos and crocodiles.

Kingfisher Site: This riverside picnic and campsite is located Southwest of the park

The Black Rhino Sanctuary: This route specifically emphasizes areas boasting a dense population of the endangered black rhinos.


Impala Viewpoint: It is high on a hill just minutes from the main gate. It features a stone-built rondavel with panoramic views and a picnic area


Cost of a Game Drives in Nairobi National Park

Several factors can influence the cost of a game drives in Nairobi National Park; these include:

Typically, we offer half-day and full-day drives; however, opting for a full-day incurs higher costs.

Sharing a vehicle with a larger group typically lowers the cost per person

The park experiences a high season from July to February and a low season from March to June. During the high season, an influx of tourists elevates its popularity but also drives up costs; conversely, fewer visitors in the low period result in reduced rates making it more affordable for travelers.

For a standard half-day game drive, you should anticipate an average cost of between \$50 to \$150 per person; this expense includes car hire, guide fees, and park entry charges.

Best Time to Visit Nairobi National Park for a Game Drive

From late June to October–the dry season: this period garners widespread acclaim as the best time for a game drive in Nairobi National Park. Wildlife, during these months of scant rainfall, congregates around water sources; consequently, sightings become not just more frequent but also more rewarding.

Tips for Successful Game Drives in Nairobi National Park

– Book your game drive in advance, especially during peak season.

– Begin your expedition during the early morning hours or in the late afternoon; by doing so, you’ll avoid the searing heat of midday.

– Bring binoculars and a camera equipped with a zoom lens to capture close-up encounters with wildlife.

– Wear neutral clothing that blends in with the surroundings.

– Respect the park’s rules and regulations, including speed limits and designated viewing areas.

– Remain silent and attentive to the bush’s sounds


Safety Precautions and Rules During Your Game Drive

Always remain within the vehicle during game drives to guarantee your safety and minimize disturbance to wildlife.

Wildlife should not be approached or fed.

Adhere diligently to the instructions of your guide; moreover, make certain you avoid littering on park premises.

Respect speed limits, as well as observing designated off-road driving areas.

Alternative Tourist Activities in Nairobi National Park

In addition to Game drives in Nairobi National Park, the park presents a diverse array of alternative activities for visitor enjoyment: one can delve into the park’s intricate system of walking trails and hiking paths–an ideal opportunity for birdwatching aficionados or nature enthusiasts. A highly recommended visit for those who seek a profound understanding of Kenya’s wildlife conservation efforts: the Giraffe Center and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


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