Jinja tours, the second-largest city in Eastern Uganda, is well-known as the location of the source of the Nile, the longest river in the world. It is also renowned as the adrenaline capital of East Africa because of the abundance of thrilling and exhilarating activities that are primarily conducted on the Nile. Explore more with Jinja tours and discover the heart of adventure!https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jinja,_Uganda

A trip to Jinja for tourists on a Uganda safari offers unforgettable moments beginning with the travel from the capital all the way to this tourist treasure, which is located 80.9 kilometers away from Kampala. If you’re traveling to Uganda for business or on a short vacation and can’t do the lengthy Uganda safari, you may enjoy a 1-day Jinja tour to experience some of the country’s natural beauties. A trip to Jinja also works nicely as a transition from the wildlife safaris of the south-west to a continued exploration in the north. A tour to Jinja is suitable for the entire family; both children and adults will have a great time there. Explore more with Jinja tours!

Sezibwa Falls, a culturally significant Buganda landmark full of tales and beautiful landscape, is the first stop on your trip to Jinja tours. Birding enthusiasts would adore this location. You may take a guided nature walk and go sightseeing here. After traversing between sugarcane and tea farms, continue on to Mabira Forest, the largest rainforest in Uganda, where you may have a nature walk on one of the many forest trails and witness a variety of animals including monkeys, for example, red-tailed monkeys jumping from one tree to another, different tree species, and birds and beautiful butterflies among others.

The greatest ziplining experience in Uganda is located in Mabira Forest, where tourists may experience a zipline through the treetops. Following this, we continue to Jinja tours, which is approached by navigating the cable bridge that separates Buganda from Busoga (central from the eastern region). Experience the best with Jinja tours!

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What to bring on your Jinja tour

  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Changing clothes ( in case you expect to get wet)

Jinja Tour Activities

Boat cruise on Source of the Nile                                     

You will begin your Jinja tour by taking a boat ride on the river Nile as it begins to leave Lake Victoria. On the Jinja tours boat cruise that usually lasts for 30 minutes, you will explore the source of the Nile as discovered by John Speke, the British explorer.

The Nile begins its 4000-mile trek to the Mediterranean Sea from here, passing through a number of nations along the way, including South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, and eventually Egypt. At the shores where the boat cruise is launched is the Mahatma Gandhi statue along the Nile, enacted in commemoration of the Indian peace idol. Explore the wonders of Jinja tours and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

Jinja City  Tour                                                                     

Embarking on Jinja tours, a quick trip to Jinja city offers the chance to discover this peaceful former powerhouse of Uganda’s industrialization. Visitors may shop at the local Jinja Main Market, visit the railway station that connects Kenya to the capital Kampala, purchase souvenirs at artisan stores, and engage in dialogue with the Basoga population who live nearby. Explore the vibrant culture and history of Jinja tours while immersing yourself in the heart of this historic city!

Rafting on the Nile                                                             

There is just one place in all of Uganda where you may go rafting on the Nile, here in Jinja tours. Rafting on the Nile offers the best adrenaline-pumping experience yet safe at the same time. Rafting on the Nile involves encountering and overcoming the challenging rapids and waterfalls for over 4 hours or the full day on the Nile in Jinja tours. Rafting on the Nile is split into several categories based on the level of difficulty of the route you take. All varieties of Rafting on the Nile are safe; they only vary in how challenging they are to complete. Categories of Rafting on the Nile include Grade 5 extreme White-water rafting is considered the most extreme kind of rafting on the Nile. Other categories of rafting on the Nile include Grade 3 white water rafting and Family float. No prior rafting or swimming experience is required; however, individuals should be relaxed in the water and fairly fit. Don’t miss out on the exhilarating adventures of Jinja tours while experiencing rafting on the Nile!                           


Kayaking on the Nile                                                                                     

Kayaking on the Nile is one of the many amazing and adventurous water sports done on the Nile in Jinja tour. Kayaking on the Nile involves paddling on the warm waters and clashing with the rapids on the Nile in a floater known as a kayak while enjoying the beautiful sceneries on the banks of the Nile River.

Kayaking on the Nile is divided into categories, including flat water kayaking which allows you to paddle through incredible seaweed, explore offshore islands, and cruise through canopied canals. The other category is Tandem kayaking which allows you to tackle some of the world’s most challenging rapids on the Nile. You’ll paddle next to expert river guides with tandem kayaking experience. Tandem kayaking is the best option for anyone who likes the concept of having their own kayak crush with white water at river level, or just wants to advance from rafting. Explore the thrilling adventures of Jinja tour while kayaking on the Nile!

Bungee jumping                                                                                                                                                                              

Bungee jumping is a fun-filled and adrenaline-spiking activity on the Nile, perfect for your Jinja tour. It involves jumping with an elastic harness either attached to your body or your feet from a 44ft raised platform by the banks of the Nile and kissing the Nile. The major rush comes from freely falling, softly rebounding again, and ultimately contacting the water. One of the most terrifying and thrilling things one may do in their lives, it is also one of the most dangerous but safe. Experience the ultimate thrill with Jinja tour while bungee jumping on the Nile!

Horseback safaris in Jinja                                                                       

Horseback safaris provide an unforgettable experience for tourists on a Jinja tour who want to explore the banks of the Nile. Nile Horseback Safaris, an Australian firm, offers horseback riding safaris in Jinja. During the horseback safaris, you will be able to see unique areas of the Nile, tea plantations, rolling hills, sugar plantations, birds and animals, and so on.

Rides are exclusively conducted on well-trained, calm horses to ensure the safety of the occupants, and horseback riding parties are accompanied by two or more expert riders to monitor the horseback safari and the tourists’ safety. For the horses’ health and safety, the maximum weight for riding is 90kg. Horseback safaris are carried out in four sessions that’s 10am, 2pm, 4pm and an overnight session. Rides usually last for 2 hours depending on the money you paid. It is advised you book ahead to avoid inconveniences. Don’t miss out on the adventures of Jinja tour while exploring the Nile on horseback!

Quad biking safaris in Jinja                       

Quad biking in Jinja is an exciting adventure that entails riding on a four-wheeled motorbike through some of Jinja’s most rural areas and along the Nile River.

The quad bikes will take you through rural communities, woodlands, sugarcane farms, and along seldom seen Nile River portions. There is no prior driving experience required. Before each Jinja tour safari, a free training session is held. Trips are tailored to the riders’ abilities and provide the greatest adventure possible. Allow an additional 30 minutes for preparation and training/practice before the Jinja tour safari begins. Rides usually last for 2 hours depending on the money you paid. Experience the thrill of Jinja tour while quad biking through the scenic landscapes!

Jinja Tours

Best time to visit Jinja                                                                                                                                                            

Presence of a dam upstream means river currents are not affected by changes in weather hence water sports on the Nile can be done all year round. However, the warmer dry season of January and February is the best time to visit Jinja.

Accommodation in Jinja                                                                                                                                                                 

 Jinja has a wide range of accommodations ranging from Luxury, to midrange and budget lodges both on the banks of river Nile and in the local communities. Some of the lodges offered when you visit Jinja include: Jinja Nile Resort, Lemala Wildwaters lodge, Kingfisher safari resort, Nile Village hotel, Nile Guest house, Jinja Base camp among others.

Jinja Tours accommodation


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