Sipi Falls, hailed as the most romantic falls in Uganda, grace the foothills of Mt Elgon National Park in Eastern Uganda, specifically in Kapchorwa district, approximately 276 kilometers away from the bustling capital, Kampala. The falls are a trio of waterfalls that cascade from the river Sipi. The longest of the falls drops a whopping 100m. The second waterfall is 75 meters below and features higher cascades before plunging. The third water fall is 85 meters tall and cylindrical. 

The Sipi River gets its name from an indigenous plant called Sep, which grows along its banks. Sep plant resembles wild banana and is used locally to cure measles and fever.

Sipi Falls Abseiling

Activities at Sipi Falls

Hiking and Climbing Mt Elgon

Hiking at Sipi is an amazing experience that gives a beautiful scenic view, like Lake Kyoga, the Karamoja low lands, coffee plantations and other surrounding areas. Plus, hikes to Mt. Elgon used it as there starting point. Sipi Falls is located at an elevation of 1775 meters. Hikes last 3 to 4 hours, depending on fitness level. 

The hikes might be challenging and muddy, but they are worthwhile. It is difficult not to slide and tumble as soon as the steps give way to the steep, slippery, and muddy dirt track during the rainy season. There are several hiking trails, but the Budadiri trail, which leads through the Sasa trail to the peak of Mt Elgon, is the most popular. The trail also leads to a hidden cave from where you can see the main Sipi Falls.

Abseiling and Rock climbing at Sipi Falls

Abseiling is a fun but daring activity that involves descending on Rob’s rolling rock face alongside Sipi falls. Abseiling at Sipi falls is categorized into three that is easy at 15m, medium and hard at 35m. For safety, a rope is fastened on the climber’s harness as they descend down the rock face.

Birdwatching at Sipi Falls

Bird watching is a world-famous hobby that may be enjoyed at Sipi. Birdwatchers will have a higher opportunity of seeing undisturbed birds while at Sipi Falls. Mt Elgon National Park, with over 274 bird species, provides tourists with a comprehensive bird viewing experience. Bird species include Mountain yellow warbler, thick-billed wattle eye, alpine chat, white chinned Prinia, African goshawck, grey cuckoo shrike among others. Birds like the black collared Apalis, Blackshouldered Kite, Lammergeyer, Jacksons Francolin, and Tacazze sunbird are found only in the region of Mount Elgon.

Coffee Tours

The coffee tour involves visiting Arabica coffee farms on the slopes of Mt Elgon This coffee type grows in rich volcanic soils at elevations ranging from 1,550 to 1,910 meters. Furthermore, this portion of Mt Elgon receives a lot of rain, which helps Arabica coffee flourish. Its is the min cash crop of both the Bagishu and Sabiny community who are the dominant tribes in this area. This coffee tour takes you through the complete coffee producing process, including coffee picking, shelling, grinding, and ultimately fine coffee ready to brew a cup of coffee. 

Cultural encounters

Visitors may choose to embark on a cultural tour to learn about the two indigenous tribes in the region around Sipi. The Bagishu and Sabiny are two of them. Visitors may see traditional rituals like as circumcision, known locally as Imbalu, in which young boys are “initiated into adulthood.” Most interesting about this practice is that circumcision is done in front of a large crowd without showing any sign of fear or using a pain killer. The ceremony is filled with merry making, dancing to contagious beats of the drum locally known as kadodi.

Other activities that can be done at Sipi Falls include mountain biking, nature walks and fishing on River Sipi

Sipi Falls

Best time to visit Sipi Falls

The dry season is best for a visit because the trail up to the highest waterfall is not slippery. However, the weather in this location is chilly all year round since it is mountainous, and sometimes showers fall while people are trekking, making it difficult but also an experience in and of itself. Sipi Falls is open all year round therefore you can visit whenever you want.

Accommodation at Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls has a wide range of accommodations ranging from Luxury, to midrange and budget lodges that look out onto the falls. Some of the lodges offered when you visit Sipi Falls include: The Crow’s Nest, Sipi Falls Resort, Sipi River lodge, Noah’s Ark lodge and Lacam lodge.

Sipi Falls Hiking


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